Time-lag: the Beginning of Crisis in Iran

Image(Photo courtesy of NY Times)

Panic, desperation, and a financial drone that’s been a long time coming. Is it possible to stave off the impending collapse of Iran’s economy? The story is unfolding at different points in the politico-capital spectrum, leaving many (including myself) with the feeling that global, paradigmatic geo-politics leaves us all behind in the dust. When the jobs are devastated, the currency value imploded, the bargaining purchase of a university education have all been shot up before us, are we left with wreckage? or reminded that we were always only human? How many of us boring our way through the second decade of the 21st century recognize our (own) political nature?

Left, right, center, anarchist, Islamist: we are aware of the politically-defined character of our lives (to say nothing of the economically-determined character of our private lives and in common). But to what extent are we aware of our own politics, our own political agency?

I hear my professor’s voice: who is we Kimosabe?  Well, that’s what I’m here to figure out. Provisionally, I mean “all;” in this RARE instance I mean universal man; but can’t we say that all is also the disenfranchised, the ones who maybe forget that we determine as much as we are the unwilling inheritors of political determination?

This blog will not orient itself around overly-abstract conceptions of politics, community, economy, and conflict. I hope that in the course of writing and reading in the world, I will find light shed on our ability to recognize our own political capital, disown the shattered wreckage as the space-junk engineered not for us, but them.

It remains to be seen, just who we are, whether our political nature has to be reclaimed, named, or mobilized. Until then, I’ll be here, writing the time-lag.

Signing off,